Our namesake Mae King is something of an enigma. As mysterious as she is timeless, no-one seems quite certain of when she was born or when she left us, but there’s no doubt at all that her spirit is still very much alive.

What is also certain is that Mae was a great influence in New York in the nineteen fifties and sixties, labelled an icon in the arts and fashion scene. Her no- nonsense attitude, wisdom - and an eclectic fashion sense that stretched to her wearing her trademark bright yellow fur coat even in the height of summer – established her as a pioneering style figurehead.

Ever the philanthropist, Mae forged a reputation for nurturing, encouraging and curating struggling artists creating experimental pieces during the emergence of the Abstract Expressionism era. Her strong belief that “everything and everyone is interconnected” helped unite the unconventional, the traditional and the avant-garde. She is said to have been a great force behind the many Pop Artists of the early sixties, helping billboard painters evolve into the creators of major and significant works.

Her collaborative spirit is one we share today.